In Tennessee, You Can Wander Through The Tree Tops On A Stellar “SkyWalk” Bridge

(Mayukh Saha) We have all heard about the stairway to heaven. Now, we bring you a bridge in the sky. Yes, you heard it correctly. The SkyWalk bridge gives you breathtaking views of the smoky mountains in Tennessee.

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by Mayukh Saha, June 6th, 2020

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Would you walk across this?!? #walkingonair #floatingbridge #vacation #cabinlife #gatlinburgskybridge #gatlinburg

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The best part about this SkyWalk bridge is that it’s accessible to non-hikers as well. We all want to get a bird’s eye view, but do we really want to hike up a mountain? Some of us might not be in a suitable health condition to do that. This is why Tennessee’s SkyBridge is so special.

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The SkyWalk Bridge is located in South Eastern America. It oversees the Smoky Mountains, which is a part of the Appalachian Mountains. It has a rich history of indigenous settlement, specifically the Paleo tribe.

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The sunset, twilight, and dusk portions of the day, as viewed from the SkyBridge, offer unique perspectives of the stunning Smoky Mountain range – Whether the skies are clear or cloudy, there will always be breathtaking beauty to behold as the sun sets on another gorgeous Smoky Mountain Day. – We are open until 10pm, weather permitting, so come experience it yourself at the SkyLift Park and SkyBridge this season. – – Bottom Pic: @visitgatlinburg #gatlinburgskylift #gatlinburgskybridge #visitgatlinburg #smokymountains #mountains #views #nature #travel #relax #adventure #destination #discover #instapic #instawow #sunset #bucketlist #hope #explore #spring #reopen #opening

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The Great Smoky Mountains National Park was established in the year 1934 and is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is one of the most popular parks in America, and it protects a majority of the Smoky Mountain range. Furthermore, the park boasts around 187,000 acres of luscious forest. And, it also comes under the International Biosphere Reserve.

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Around the year 1800, Martha Jane Huskey Ogle, the region’s first settler, moved here with her 7 children. The first cabin built in the region was called White Oaks Flats. Gradually, the area saw more Revolutionary War veteran settlers, who had moved away from North Caroline. These are the tiny historical facts you can think of when you walk through the SkyWalk Bridge.

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Take a stroll through the night – The Gatlinburg SkyBridge now has an upgraded lighting system that can change the lights on the outer portion of the bridge to any color of your choosing! 🟠🟡🟢🟣 – What color would you like to see on the SkyBridge 🤔? – Let us know in the comments below!! – – #fall #autumn #gatlinburgskylift #gatlinburgskybridge #gatlinburg #visitgatlinburg #mountains #smokymountains #skywalk #tightrope #greatsmokymountainsnationalpark #colors #vibrant #fallcolors #leaves #scenery #views #nature #travel #adventure #explore #getaway #vacation #lights

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Noah Ogle built the first store in 1850. In 1854, Redford C Gatlin established a general store cum post office. Eventually, in 1856, the town was renamed Gatlinburg. As per reports, Redford Gatlin did not have a good reputation amongst the townsfolk. He was even banned from the town at one point.

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Snow in March? ️ There is a chance of snow tomorrow in the Smoky’s and in the higher elevations of Gatlinburg…. – Who wants to experience the Gatlinburg SkyBridge in the snow? Fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞 – Either way, the SkyLift Park will be open until 9pm, weather permitting. Come enjoy the most unique experience in the Smoky’s – – #gatlinburgskybridge #gatlinburgskylift #snow #gatlinburg #visitgatlinburg #smokymountains #mountains #views #nature #travel #adventure #relax #discover #experience #memories #moments #conquer #thrillseeker #instapic #instawow #bucketlist

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In 1954, the famous Gatlinburg Sky Lift opened its gates for people. Moreover, it’s located right across Ripley’s Believe It or Not. So, you can hit two birds with just one visit to Gatlinburg.

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The SkyLift begins from the Center of the town. The ride travels up to Crockett Mountain. From 500 feet above the ground, you can check out all the spectacular sights on a round trip of around 20 minutes.

The SkyWalk Bridge is not the only attraction. You can also enjoy their SkyDeck. There’s a beautiful cafe that offers craft beer and yummy snacks that one needs to relax and enjoy nature.

The SkyWalk Bridge stands tall at 140 feet and spans around 680 feet. It’s the longest suspension you can find in the entirety of North America. Moreover, there are several glass panels on the bridge. The view you get below your feet is nothing less than awesome.

You can get an all-day pass and enjoy the park at your leisure.

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In Tennessee, You Can Wander Through The Tree Tops On A Stellar “SkyWalk” Bridge

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