President Donald Trump Sends Signed MAGA Hat to 15-Year-Old Utah Student Who Was Bullied and Assaulted for Supporting Him

(Cassandra Fairbanks) President Donald Trump has sent an upgraded ‘Make America Great Again’ hat to Braxton McElhaney, the 15-year-old student at West Jordan High School in Utah who was brutally bullied by two girls for wearing his hat supporting the president to school.

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Source – Gateway Pundit

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by Cassandra Fairbanks, October, 16th, 2020

After seeing the video uploaded anonymously on Instagram, the Gateway Pundit tracked down the family of the teenager who told us that the incident happened at the beginning of the school year.

One of the girls had ripped an American flag mask off the teen’s face and ran to throw it away in the girls bathroom. When she came out, she began assaulting him again and attempting to steal his Make America Great Again hat.

The girl repeatedly hit and spit on him — but McElhaney still refused to let go of the hat.

“He has not attended public school since 1st grade, he has attended charter schools and was doing online. This year he was taking two electives at public school and this happened just two weeks in. He is solely doing online now. He is 15 in 10th grade,” his mother Meshyalah McElhaney told the Gateway Pundit at the time. “I am so incredibly proud of him for holding his ground and not giving into her and retaliating.”

Once we found the family, calls for the president to send him an autographed hat came from all over the internet — and Trump came through!

“All thanks to President Donald Trump for the support all the way from the White House,” Braxton told TGP of his new and improved hat.

His mom added, “We are overwhelmed by the support & love we have received from around the world. We never would have thought it would have made it all the way to the President. Thank you all who made this happen.”

McElhaney said that the girl in the red shirt is going to be charged with a felony and the other will be facing either a misdemeanor or felony, it is still unclear. Both of the girls were also in tenth grade.

The school recently had to switch to online schooling due to a spike in COVID cases, making the mask theft and spitting even more egregious.

The video immediately went viral, as people looked for ways to help turn the bad situation around. UFC superstars Chuck Liddell and Steve Orosco even sent the teenager a message of encouragement.


A GoFundMe was also launched so that his family can take him on a trip or do something special with him. It has already raised nearly $30,000!

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President Donald Trump Sends Signed MAGA Hat to 15-Year-Old Utah Student Who Was Bullied and Assaulted for Supporting Him

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